Feast & Festivities is the dream of a girl who believes the most extraordinary occasions are the ones where everyone leaves with a piece of magic.


As an event creative, my mission is to support and inspire other everyday hosts and their guests in the creation of memorable occasions.

I am inspired by the traditions of bygone eras and believe that the sharing of milestones with close friends and family is one of life's greatest privileges. When you hire Feast & Festivities for an event, I start by getting to know you. Something magical happens when you build an event around the personalities of the hosts or guests of honour. Tangible objects that had little meaning before can come to life, tapping into emotions and telling a story that makes for a truly memorable occasion.

I dream of growing Feast & Festivities into a larger passionate and creative team and continuing operations through a retail storefront that offers a beautiful collection of event and home entertaining objects and supplies.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and am a Wedding Planner Institute of Canada Certified Wedding Planner and Wedding & Event Institute Certified Event Designer. And I can’t wait to hear what you have in mind for your event.

Certified Event Designer