Hundred Acre Wood First Birthday

Out of all the events I get to be a part of, I think Enzo's birthday each year will always be some of my favourites.

With Enzo's second birthday just around the corner (literally this weekend), I thought I'd reflect on his first birthday here on the blog.

First Birthday Cake

The Assiniboine Park Nature Playground was (and still is) one of our favourite places to play with Enzo in his first year, so we thought it would be the perfect location to hold his first birthday party. Once I decided on the location, the Hundred Acre Wood inspiration followed.

Assiniboine Park Nature Playground
Assiniboine Park Nature Playground in Winnipeg

I hope you enjoy all the candid photos of this special day, captured by Victoria Anne Photography!

"Tut-tut. It looks like rain", I thought when the forecast in the days leading up to the party called for rain on and off all day. But every good party goes on rain or shine, so we decided to hold the party under a shelter instead of the grassy woodland clearing we originally hoped for. Lucky for us, the rain stopped right when the party started and we quickly moved everything out into the sun that was trying to find its way through the clouds.

Family Photo in Rain Boots
Boy with Balloons
First Birthday Balloons
Blue Balloons
First Year Collage
Assiniboine Park Birdhouses

All the food was made at home with some help from my mom-in-law (she's a party food wizard), including wraps, pooh sticks (breadsticks), hermit cookies and veggies and dip. My favourite snack was these adorable little acorn looking treats, simply made out of mini chips ahoy and Hershey kisses glued together with royal icing.

Picnic Table
Acorn Treats
Picnic Table
Garden Arrangement
First Birthday Cake

Since we had people of all ages at the party, I needed games that were fun for everyone. I scoured the local antique shops for vintage honey tins with which we played bean bag toss. The pin the tail on Eeyore was made from a black canvas I free-handed on with white pastel.

Bean Bag Toss
Outdoor Game
Outdoor Bean Bag Toss
Bean Bag Toss DIY
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Pin the Tail on Eeyore
Pin the Tail on Eeyore

Near the end of the party the kids smashed a beautiful bee hive piñata Jeff and I hand-crafted with paper mache and bubble wrap. The bubbles popped with each hit and were such a delight for the kiddos. Thankfully when it broke there were no bees inside!

Beehive Pinata
Hitting Beehive Pinata
Beehive Pinata DIY

With a lot of movement around saving the bees, we sent guests home with wildflower seeds to plant in their garden. I picked up little kraft envelopes from Michaels, stuffed them with wildflower bee-blend seeds from Westcoast Seeds, and tacked on home-made labels with care instructions.

Birthday Favours
Bee a Good Friend
Wildflower Seed Packaging

A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate that day and helped make it happen The day was so special. (Family all the way from Regina came to celebrate)! Enzo had such a fun time, and I can't wait to make it all about him again this weekend!

Group Photo
First Birthday Cake