9 Manitoba Made Holiday Host and Hostess Gift Ideas

Whether you're joining a holiday party or simply swinging by a friend's to catch up this busy holiday season, a small gift in hand goes a long way. Today I've rounded up some of my favourite gifts for any host. The best part? They all support local Manitoba makers, so it's like two gifts in one.

Beeproject Apiaries - Neighbourhood Honey

Beeproject Apiaries is doing some amazing things for our city with sustainable urban beekeeping. What's cooler than honey from one of Winnipeg's backyards? Nothing. Each Neighbourhood Honey has it's own distinct flavour, so you can choose a honey from the host's neighbourhood, or an area close to their heart.

|  find Beeproject Apiaries at these retailers and the neighbourhood honey exclusively at the Dec. 17 @luckygirlpopup

Coal & Canary - Candle

What's a gift guide without Coal & Canary? These candles come in so many fun (and cheeky) options, and they smell ah-maze-ing. My personal favourite is 'That Hot Barista' somehow. I don't even like coffee. Coal + Canary is THAT good. Photo by @jenniferbiancacalligraphy.

|   where to find Coal and Canary


Mud + Stone Studio

These two hardworking ladies are making beautiful hand thrown ceramic dinnerware, serve ware, mugs, and pots, among other things perfect for everyday use. You may have even noticed their wares while eating at a local restaurant. Pictured here are some of their one-of-a-kind serving trays.

|   where to find Mud + Stone Studio

Cheese Mongers

Fairly new to Winnipeg's food scene, the Cheese Mongers are sourcing trending and long-time favourite cheeses for the foodie in all of us. They'll even pull together a full-on cheese board, complete with a wine or beer pairing, knives and accompaniments. Photo by @murlifestyle.

|   custom order from The Cheese Mongers

Smak Dab Mustard - Flavour Pack

Look for their new gourmet mustard flavour pack. It's a generous sampling of their top four selling flavours in one. I love the Canadian Maple Mustard, especially since it is vegan and gluten free, something we all need to be conscious of.

|   where to find Smak Dab Gourmet Mustard

Kate + Norah - Scandinavian Bead Garland

Known for their modern children's play tents, Kate + Norah just introduced some minimalistic wooden bead garlands to their product line. Sign a bead with the year and they make for a cute addition to any Christmas tree.

|   Find Kate + Norah at the Third + Bird Forks Market Pop-Up

Fat Lye Soap

Handmade. Vegan. Beautiful. Plantable Labels. So much goodness in one little package, and especially perfect for the conscientious hostess. 

|   Find Fat Lye Soap Co. at the Dec. 17 @luckygirlpopup, @hutkshop and @shop_public

Rogue Wood Supply - Sacred Ground Smudge Stick

The perfect little gift to bring along to that housewarming holiday party. This handsome bundle of white sage and cedar is an all-natural incense for cleansing and energizing the the home.

|   where to find Rogue Wood Supply

PipCreek Farm + Studio - Un-plastic Food Wrap

I came across these amazing all-natural food wraps this year and just had to get them for our kitchen. The un-plastic food wrap is beeswax-based, compostable, and reusable for up to one year. Use it to wrap granola bars, cheese, leftovers, or whatever you keep wasting plastic wrap on.

|   where to find PipCreek Farm + Studio

10 Rules for Hosting a Dinner Party

A great dinner party requires a more than simply inviting guests and serving food. Here's 10 rules to follow for your next get together, along with some photos from a recent Industrial Jungle Home Dinner Party we had the pleasure of designing for Corin and Jeremy!

Dinner Tablescape

1 | Keep the guest list manageable

Consider the size of your dining table, and how much you are willing to spend on food, table settings, and decor. If you're new to hosting, start with inviting 2-4 guests.

2 | Make it special

Invest in creating a theme, such as a colour scheme, story, or element to incorporate throughout the decor, food, and drink. A fresh floral centrepiece and personal place card at each setting makes a big impact.

Dinner Party Jungle Invitation
Dinner Party Name Card
Dinner Party Place Setting
Dinner Party Tablescape
Dinner Party Table

3 | Use recipes you are familiar with

Whether you make a kick-ass Beef Wellington or pizza, serve what you know, and save the experimenting for another time. Your guests will appreciate a tasty meal over something out of your league. (Note: Be mindful of dietary restrictions. We all have our reasons for eating the way we do: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. Support one another and offer variety.)

Dinner Party Grocery List
Cooking in the Kitchen
Dinner Party Menu Stationery

4 | Introduce guests to one another as they arrive

If you're hosting a large group and guests are not much familiar with one another, ask your closest friend or couple to join half an hour earlier to get the party started, and ease any nerves you may have before everyone arrives.

5 | Serve appetizers within 20 minutes of guests' arrival

Most come hungry. A general rule of thumb is to count on serving 2-3 appetizer bites per person.

Dinner Party Mingling
Carmelized Onion Crostini Appetizer
Cashew Dip Appetizer
Dinner Party Cooking

6 | Serve family style

No need to serve each guest a plated meal. Guests make instant connections through passing dishes around the table. After all, food brings us together. Just make sure you have enough room on the dining table or a buffet near by to place the dishes on after they are passed around.

7 | Spark good conversation

My husband once shared with me a quote from Henry Thomas Buckle, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people". Although we must, at some point discuss each of these topics, I generally believe this thought to be true.

Dinner Family Style
Dinner Party Conversation
Dinner Party Dessert
Dinner Party Eating

8 | Wait until everyone is finished eating before clearing the table

It's classic service etiquette and protects a shared dining experience between slow and fast eaters. And, if you really want follow classic etiquette, serve from the right and clear from the right.

9 | Accept help

If a guest offers (often insisting) to join in cleaning, take them up on it. They are most likely offering because they want to, and it's not a burden. It's an opportunity to spend time together (and move along to enjoying dessert sooner)!

10 | Be mindful of alcohol consumption

If a guest has had one too many, call for a cab on their behalf so everyone gets home safely. (Or do like Corin and Jeremy and invite your neighbors)!

Dinner Party Cocktail Bar
Dinner Party Mixing Drink
Dinner Party Appetizers
Dinner Party Cocktails
Dinner Party Toast

Thank you so much for having us, Corin and Jeremy!

Photography | Gabrielle Touchette Photography
Florals | Stonehouse Creative
Stationery | Jessica Alcantara
Design and Styling | Feast & Festivities