I'm New Here

Starting a business in any field can be pretty nerve-racking. Not sure of the ins-and-outs, the processes, and the personalities that exist in each network of professionals, it is tempting to stick to yourself and go on about your business. But if there is one thing we were told to take away in business school, it was the importance of networking. I've challenged myself to reach out and introduce my business and I, and I've had so much fun in the process. 

I'm so fortunate to have discovered a passion in a field that has such a wonderful group of professionals. Of whom I've met and worked with so far, I've been welcomed with open arms: Lauren of Stonehouse Creative, Gabrielle of Gabrielle Touchette Photography, Kayla of Laugh Love Cakes, Jeff of JAG Videoworks, Amanda of Amanda Douglas Events, Sheryl of Marry Me Hunnie, Jordan of JP MediaWorks, Melissa of Sugar & Soul Photography, and Britney of Fache Floral Design.

Also noteworthy is that while Amanda is a successful event planner and designer whom reached out to welcome me, she is also making a go at another passion of hers: business coaching. She invited me for coffee (and donuts) along with herself and Lauren a couple weeks ago for a chance to get to know me, and I them. One of their mantras is #communityovercompetition, which I absolutely adore! I so look forward to building our relationship further and lifting one another up.

A thankful shoutout to everyone I've had the pleasure of working with already. I look forward to sharing photos and video here on the blog from a November collaboration with some of these folks in the very near future!


Hello Feast & Festivities

It's been over one year in the making and I'm so thrilled to finally introduce Feast & Festivities Event Planning and Design Studio. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and Feast & Festivities is finally the perfect outlet to express my creativity and independence. Inspired by planning my own wedding (thank you, love!) and the fond memories and friendships created through feasts and festivities with family and friends, I wanted to help everyday hosts craft their own genuine experiences for guests.

My first Feast & Festivities signage and in-home studio after a fresh coat of white paint in 2014. The studio now doubles as our son's bedroom.

My first Feast & Festivities signage and in-home studio after a fresh coat of white paint in 2014. The studio now doubles as our son's bedroom.

I believe a true work life balance can only be achieved by loving what you do, that a business is only as good as its team and their passion behind it, and to always plan ahead in order to be successful. I place an intense amount of focus on researching, planning, evaluating, and re-evaluating, and that is what I've spent much time on over the past year. I am pleased to say I am now a Certified Wedding Planner by the Wedding Planner Institute of Canada as well as a Certified Event Designer through the Wedding & Event Institute. And, I am proud to share with you one of the very first projects I began with in defining Feast & Festivities: its mission and vision.

Our mission at Feast & Festivities is to support and inspire everyday hosts and their guests in the creation of memorable occasions.

Our vision is to craft personalized modern, elegant occasions through contributing inspiration, genuine ideas, and unique solutions that engage hosts and their guests in emotional ways.

When I began laying the groundwork for Feast & Festivities, there were three things I knew I wanted to focus on. One, to provide creative (design) support in addition to logistical (planning) support. With so many local beautiful venues and creative vendors to choose from already, I focus on pulling the right team of vendors together and share the direction and overall vision needed to tie each element together into one seamles occassion.

Second, to specialize in intimate and bespoke gatherings. I believe that the sharing of milestones, big or small, with close friends and family is one of life's greatest privileges. I work closely with hosts to create timeless, elegant, and whimsical occasions that engage and entertain guests in ways characteristic to the host.

Lastly, to identify a dream to chase. I envision growing Feast & Festivities into a larger passionate and creative team and continuing services through a retail storefront that offers a beautiful collection of event and home entertaining objects and supplies.

I am so ecstatic you have stopped by to learn a little bit about Feast & Festivities. The blog will be updated regularly with tips for everyday hosts, DIYs, our favourite recipes, workshop opportunities, family life, and featured special occasions. Stay connected by joining Feast & Festivities on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest.



P.S. If you'd like to chat more about what F&F is here to do, please send me an email! I'd love to hear from you.