Some of my fondest memories include friends and family gathered around a table over food with stories and laughter. I come from a small family. We could have gotten away with letting holidays and celebrations slip by with a simple toast, but I would have none of that. When I was eight my parents tried to get away with KFC for thanksgiving dinner. It has never happened again since.

I am a mama to sweet, energetic boy named Enzo and wife to a devoted gentleman named Jeff (that's my little family in the photo over there)! Automotive racing and a love for cars is a family affair. I love rain (like so, so much love rain), hosting breakfasts and dinners, watermelon, green tea lattes, cookies, road trips, acoustic and classical music, going for walks, volleyball, visiting the greenhouse, baking, and crafting. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. Don't let my serious concentration face fool you, I've been told I smile too much.

My favourite part about planning and designing events is, after much brainstorming over unique details, seeing it all come together and hearing guests gush over how beautiful the day truly is.